1200 Books in French - A collection of great literature 1.1

1200 Books in French - A collection of great literature 1.1



Size:1.5 GB

Date Added:19 May, 2014

Author: labibliothequedigitale.com

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This application contains a complete library of litterature in French. Its size is 800MB. Several minutes will be needed to download it.


- The best novels of french and foreign litterature are included in this application: Flaubert, Victor Hugo, Stendhal, Gaston Leroux, Alexandre Dumas, Prosper My©rimy©e, Anatole France, Rabelais, Georges Sand, Jules Verne, Emile Zola...
Charlotte Bronty«, Daniel Defoe, Charles Dickens, Dostoievski, Arthur Conan Doyle, Kafka, Rudyard Kipling, Edgar Allan Poe, Leo Tolstoy¯, Marc Twain, Oscar Wilde...
And many others!
-189 authors / 1246 works: a full library dedicated to novels in French.

- Every one of the 1246 works is in full text in a mini-PDF format specially adapted to iPhone reading.


- This application has an easy, intuitive and friendly set-up
- Navigating is easy: by author then by work
- The functionality "Mon livre en cours" allows a quick come back to your current reading at the last page you left
- Bokmarking is automatic for each of the 342 works
- The navigation bar enables:
- Going back to the first page of the book
- Jumping forward or backward by 10 pages
- Adding a book to your "Livre en cours"

Reading is available in vertical mode only and the size and style of the font cannot be customized.


36 works of Alphonse Allais, 17 works of Ly©on Bloy, 8 works of Chateaubriand, 24 works of Alphonse Daudet, 3 works of Daniel Defoe, 18 works of Charles Dickens, 18 works of Dostoy¯evski, 77 works of Conan-Doyle, 60 works of Alexandre Dumas, 7 works of Gustave Flaubert, 1 works of Alain Fournier, 19 works of Anatole France, 13 works of Thy©ophile Gautier, 2 works of Goethe, 48 works of Victor Hugo, 5 works of Kafka, 6 works of Rudyard Kipling, 1 work of Laclos, 24 works of Gaston Leroux, 3 works of Jack London, 7 works of Pierre Louy¿s, 12 works of Hector Malot, 4 works of Marivaux, 46 works of Maupassant, 9 works of Prosper My©rimy©e, 25 works of Octave Mirbeau, 13 works of Edgar Allan Poe, 5 works of Pouchkine, 10 works of Proust, 3 works of Edgar Quinet, 2 works of Rabelais, 9 works of Jules Renard, 21 works of Jean Richepin, 10 works of Sainte Beuve, 64 works of Georges Sand, 15 works of Stendhal, 12 works of Eugy¨ne Sue, 6 works of Tostoy, 2 works of Marc Twain, 10 works of Jules Vally¨s, 53 works of Jules Verne, 8 works of Oscar Wilde, 28 works of Emile Zola"¦


Romans et Nouvelles (Anthologie de la Litty©rature) : 189 auteurs, 1246 oeuvres
Philosophie (Anthologie de la) : 79 auteurs, 342 oeuvres
Contes et Fables (Anthologie de la Litty©rature) : 44 auteurs, 175 oeuvres
Histoire et Poltique : 89 auteurs, 220 oeuvres
Poy©sie (Anthologie de la) : 112 auteurs, 297 oeuvres
Thy©atre (Anthologie du) : 35 auteurs, 72 Ã…œuvres
Psychologie (Anthologie de la) : 17 auteurs, 71 oeuvres
Erotisme (Anthologie de l") : 30 auteurs, 86 oeuvres
Sciences (Anthologie des) : 40 auteurs, 77 Ã…œuvres
Voyage (Anthologie du) : 32 auteurs, 64 oeuvres
Sciences Economiques et Sociales (Anthologie des) : 58 auteurs, 229 oeuvres
Les Femmes de Lettres : 17 auteurs, 71 Ã…œuvres
De l"Antiquity©

System Requirements: Requires iOS 5.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Systems: iOS

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